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  1. Washington DC
    Hello fellow Uber Drivers! I hope you're all having a great day. I'm looking forward to coming to DC and NY, to launch an app we've built. Basically, after 2 and a half years of driving, I want us to be earning more money - much more. So I think I have a solution, one which can help us take...
  2. Pay
    Hello Uber people, I just wanted to let this forum know that it is possible to make some money Ubering. Need and still need cash to pay some old bills. I am sort of a do it now and worry about it later so I am putting the tax stuff out of my head for the time being to take care of the now. I...
  3. Sydney
    As you may be aware some rogue drivers are increasingly offering to take riders for cash. You should never do this. It may seem like a harmless idea but bypassing Uber's fee is wrong and doing cash jobs is very dangerous. Leaving Uber out of the transaction means you don't know who the rider is...
1-3 of 3 Results