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  1. Madison
    When did the rate drop to 23 cents a mile? I currently drive Express Drive and not sure if it's the same for everyone or just Express Drive?
  2. Boston
    Picked up "Madison" in Brighton Center the other night. Per usual I confirmed her name.."Madison" and that she was headed to Woburn. Asked if she had a preferred route and she said no. Took her 90W to 95N. Along ride I heard her mention her phone bill was over $400. Nothing out of ordinary...
  3. Madison
    What do you think about UberEats? Are you going to participate? Try it out or say no way?? I'm nervous about how long it takes for delivery vs how much I'll actually make.... Thoughts?
  4. Binghamton & Syracuse
    There are a number of cities, town, and counties that are geographically closer to Binghamton/Syracuse than Albany, Buffalo/Rochester, or other current NYS forums. Until and unless we get enough interest expressed for a separate forum for these places in...
  5. Madison
    Hey madtown! I'm 30 down in 2 weekends and still above water. I want to delve into weekday mornings but... What's are some good places to be around? I commute from Janesville to West Side Madison for work. Where should I avoid? How can I help make sure I'm at work by 8am? If you were...
1-5 of 5 Results