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  1. Dallas
    Plano police said they shot a man Sunday after he opened fire in the Plano Police Department building. Garland police are also investigating a murder in Garland where someone shot and killed a Lyft driver and then drove the stolen Lyft car to the Plano Police Department. The Lyft driver was...
  2. News
    After years of working as a consultant and legal secretary, Laurie Richards wanted to do something different. She saw a Facebook ad for Shipt, a grocery delivery app owned by Target, and was hired to shop for Michigan customers 7-8 hours a day. Then the Covid-19 hit and Richards needed to save...
  3. Advice
    (First post in a long while, so please bear with me) Grizzled Uber veteran here (six years, nearly 19K trips), and I'm in the market to replace my car. Make/model is unimportant (though it will be Comfort eligible), but it will have Android Auto/Apple Car Play capability. I did a cursory...
  4. Articles
    Question: What if Uber/Lyft stopped trying to control the information asymmetry and actually empowered their driver-partners to do the job on the driver’s terms? This is not about increasing rate-cards, or adding increased incentives, other than potential job satisfaction. No, this is about...
  5. Pay
  6. Advice
    I got approved for all requirements for LYFT. But when I try to go online, it says I should finish my application. When I click the link I see nothing but "approved" status. What am I missing here? Anyone have up-to-date contact details for LYFT? Thanks.
  7. Advice
    Hello... While I know $6k monthly sounds optimistic, I'd like to work out the numbers to see what makes sense. Monthly expenses: - $1500 Cost for 2014prius with 60k miles: - $15,000 rideshare monthly income: + $6,000 If you came across these numbers, would you buy a car like this?
  8. Toronto (Ontario)
    So, case counts are falling, and I've got my first shot of vaccine (April 20), so I did some driving this week, here are my numbers running three Apps (Uber/Lyft/FaceDrive): Gross Earnings: $511.63 Total Fuel / Expenses: 4$ in Gas; $11 in electrons ~28h with the app(s) on (much of this in my...
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
    Racist woman calling Lyft driver every name in the book. Her mouth is so foul even a sailor would blush: Ultimate Customer from hell
  10. Surge
    Greedy Rideshare companies raising the prices and keeping the increases. Drivers getting a fraction of the fare: Greedy Rideshare companies raising the prices and keeping the increases: Good old fashion greed by Uber and Lyft
  11. Lyft
    Checking my Lyft app this morning and in the weekly schedule I see ZERO Bonuses; mof, Tuesday they don't even offer stupid points! Is it a bug of some kind? Has it come to this? For a company with a massive driver shortage, kinda seems like they're treating existing driver like Shit. No?
  12. News
    Toyota is buying Lyft’s autonomous car division for $550 million Lyft is the latest company to abandon the expensive development of AVs https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/26/22404406/toyota-lyft-autonomous-vehicle-acquisition-amount-deal
  13. Tampa
    This is probably an old issue, sorry in advance but my search of the boards was fruitless I stopped driving last March after a pax attacked me early in the covid crisis + Lyft/police shrugged it off. I recently tried to log into my Uber account + I cant. I can get to the login screen. It texts...
  14. Pay
    I ask this question, because the recent stimulus bill that Biden passed extend unemployment benefits to September of this year. This means if you’re collecting unemployment right now, and you were extended to September, that you could just keep on collecting until that runs dry. So, for those...
  15. Lyft
    I got fired by Lyft as deactivating my account...DESPITE THE FIVE STAR RATING AVERAGE with the (fake) badge notation of achievement. Because, I uploaded the photo of insurance, alongside photo of DL, to Lyft account with the expiration date of late January, and I got approved to work for Lyft...
  16. San Francisco
    Anyone else tested if the booked time was off while letting lyft do the calculations? I picked up my first ride right after going online and did not stop until the last passenger. Every trip was auto accepted by lyft meaning there was no downtime. (Booked time starts accumulating after...
  17. News
    Some studies have found the ride-hailing services increase vehicle miles driven and pollution. Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft have committed to reducing their carbon emissions in the coming years, but there's little holding them accountable to make sure they reach their goals. (Michael...
  18. News
    https://www.cnet.com/news/lyft-test-program-offers-drivers-more-rides-in-exchange-for-10-percent-pay-cut/ "Turn on priority mode to earn more," the email boasted. When drivers opted in, it said, they'd get a handful of "priority" hours per week in which they'd get more rides than drivers who...
  19. Minneapolis
    I want to start driving in the rural areas outside of Minneapolis. There is no uber service available for them! What are the best places to get a ride apart form the airports?? also I might start a taxi company to service this area and I'll pay drivers $3/mile for those long rides! Anyone...
1-20 of 500 Results