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  1. Stories
    Lyft Driver Ends Up Getting Charged Over $1,000 After Picking Up A Passenger In Extreme Rain Which Damaged The HEV System And Left Him Stranded On The Road For 60 Hours
  2. Washington DC
    So last night I was wearing the pink tutu and had a no show cancel. Made the requisite call before I cancelled, went to voice mail (yes I usually just do the quick ring and run but I was feeling generous given the Easter holiday), hung up and cancelled. Much to my dismay the cancel fee didn't...
  3. Lyft
    We are all so very tired of Lyft changing their destination filter without notifying anyone, including their own support staff and documentation team. This happened again this week when they changed the minutes allowed per each destination filter from 60 minutes to 30 minutes despite what the...
  4. Lyft
    Got this little gem from Lyft a couple days ago: I replied: I didn't realize it was against Lyft policy to hit speed bumps too hard. Can someone show me where it says that in the terms of service?
  5. Lyft
    How many of you pick up riders on the freeway when their car breaks down? Would you help a rider on the freeway go pick up a tire from their house and help them put it on their car on the freeway? I declined those requests and cancelled them. I called lyft support to say why I declined those...
  6. Chicago
    How does one contact Lyft Driver support - On phone? I hope there is one! I have been waiting on them for a week to send me an updated Emblem but they only sent me fresh stickers.
  7. Lyft
    Got this promptly this AM after dropping off a pax at 71st and harding
  8. Lyft
    I apologies if this is a silly thread, but this response i got today was a support issue regarding a cancel fee for a prescheduled ride earlier today. I gotten most of the typical highly energetic, positive, and homogenous responses. This one was both a WTF and Hilarious moment for me. I feel...
  9. Lyft
    The current system for toll reimbursements is from ****ing hell. Seriously, they need to immediately fire all their app devs.
  10. Lyft
    Wondering if any of you drivers-- in any city-- were emailed and know about these Care More receptions?? I received an email from a Lyft rep the other day about an evening reception taking place. The link simply/vaguely says: "Lyft is partnering with Care More, a forward-thinking healthcare...
  11. Lyft
    I got this response after I had a Pax bring to my car 2 small childer (one of them child seat age), after I told the Pax I couldn't take them I closed the ride & reported to Lyft in case he was going to complain about me refusing a ride ===================================== T... (Lyft) May...
  12. Stories
    After all the complaints I've read, thought I'd share a happy ending to a bad ride. I picked up a pax and it was one of those rides that nothing could go right. Then Waze sent me on a crazy route adding 7 miles to the trip. After I dropped off the pax I contacted Lyft support to tell them what...
1-12 of 12 Results