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  1. Lyft
    Does Lyft issue a dividend? To date, Lyft has not declared or paid a cash dividend. We currently intend to retain any future earnings and do not expect to pay any dividends in the foreseeable future. Meaning lyft CEO is profiting from the stock
  2. Washington DC
    Seriously **** both of you and anyone else affiliated with the Pink Tutu™. You assclowns could **** up a wet dream. I was doing primarily Lyft because I was making more money than with Uber. *Uber implemented Charlotte Surge. Lyft didn't then. Guess what? I did MUCH more Lyft. *Uber cut...
  3. Lyft
    I was just deactivated during Saturday night, then laying in bed from a ping. So. i rush out to only sit there and wait for 5 minutes, can't call pasanger, cant hit no show, restart phone only to have my account blocked again. Wtf ..I didn't do anything, harrassment and brutality ... Waiting to...
  4. Lyft
    I am so broke as it is, and moving, and they gotta freeze my account Sat night, I don't drink n drive, the last nail in the coffin. this company destroys lives!!! Im seeing this all over the forum... Either their setting up drivers now, or have informants, but everyone I picked up was nice...
  5. Lyft
    They make you think your finally getting some bonus for doing an awesome 5000 plus rides, then they say all you need is 80 rides and 90% acceptance rate- nothing else- you contact support, and say yes thats all you need is 80 rides!! then they say they will match you the difference- but in...
  6. Washington DC
    The deductible on Lyft car insurance is a wopping $2,500 per incident. Are these people for real?
  7. Miami
    Lyft is scamming us drivers, just like Uber. Out of 6 Lyft trips this morning I confirmed with 5 pax that what they were billed was more than the rates, or as Lyft likes to call it "earnings", they base our pay on. I saw 4 of the 5 pax billing with my own eyes. At this time I have physical...
  8. San Diego
    Was working this evening in utc/la Jolla thinking that the boost zones that were displayed on lyft map were in effect. Picked up one pax drove her from la Jolla village Dr to downtown la Jolla. Picked up another pax in downtown la Jolla and drove her to downtown Marriott. Both rides were...
1-8 of 8 Results