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  1. Chicago
    I had the same issue not paid with Prime/Surge rate after the rides which should had been. Uber, got credit after emailing them, I'm happy about that. Lyft, rejected after 9 emails exchange. conclusion, Prime is fake, don't count it. Just wanted to share my real story...
  2. Lyft
    Whether you heard or not, last night a Lyft driver was killed in Hawthorne, LA. This is incredibly tragic, since he was only 21 and was working to help his family. No more of this, this is so sad and really needs to be recognized as a drawing line. You're taking a risk as a driver working the...
  3. San Francisco
    So now lyft isn't showing how much prime is on the ride before accepting? I hate these deceitful, ***** ass, passive aggressive little nerds running these companies.
1-3 of 3 Results