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  1. New Jersey
    As of late, I've seen posts on UP about missing Lyft primetime in Jersey and ironically something crazy happened today. All of NJ was lit up (including seaside heights this afternoon). This is what Lyft primetime looked like around 5pm today (see screenshot). Is it just me or was it some...
  2. Dallas
    On Uber the surge process is pretty straight forward e.g. zoom in on map and see exact surge multiples; see color of the pick up area and the multiplier on the screen before accepting a ping etc.... On Lyft, the Prime time 'rectangles' seem disconnected / incongruent; and I see no way to...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    After completing ~ 600 Uber rides in OC, I decided to try Lyft. This week I made three Lyft attempts -- 2 out 3 were completed and 1 was canceled. What was noticed by other folks earlier I can also confirm: (1) the wait time for rides is much longer, although I turn on the app during Prime...
1-3 of 3 Results