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  1. Stories
    Not the highlight of my rideshare experience, but I got a request for a Premier ride during the weekend of the concert at the Hard Rock Stadium, which came out of North Miami. I got to the pickup location and two black males approached the car, one saying my name. I roll the window down to...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    What's happening? Been slow for a lot of people this month; figured I'd emerge from lurk mode and spend a bit of time sharing and learning. Even the best of us can benefit from a morale boost at times. Yes, the thread title was inspired by reddit, one of my favorite sites. Ask me anything. :)
  3. Miami
    i recently upgraded my vehicle and now qualify for premium. Seems rediculous to have a premium car and have it set to any ride. Why would would I pick up a 2.64 lyft line or pool in my Mercedes? That being said, can you get enough demand on premium/Lux only to make it worthwhile to drive such a...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I am just a part-timer, I usually just do nights on Friday and Saturday. Depending on what the wife and kids are up to. I usually average around 20 rides 12 to 18 hours and I am contemplating going to Uber Select/Lyft Premier when I get another car. So I am wondering how much longer it would...
  5. Buffalo & Rochester
    Anyone have any idea when Uber will begin support of these better paying services in Upstate-NY? Updated rates for X, XL, etc. here. Both are already supported in NYC-Suburbs (Westchester & Rockland counties). Also in NYC-Suburbs, Lyft supports Premier, equivalent to Premium, but not Premier...
  6. Connecticut
    i recently noticed lyft premier platform is now in the area . Any one get any of these rides?
  7. Boston
    ...but I think I'll get over it eventually.
  8. Lyft
    I got approved to give Premier rides on Lyft, and yesterday I gave my first two. Notes: When you get a Premier ping, the theme is a light blue, and it says Premier. The Premier pings were often longer distance away from where I was. I expected passengers to be gussied up, but passengers were...
1-8 of 8 Results