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  1. Washington DC
    Like you know how much it sucks but yet you insist on doing Line opps sorry Shared..really grinds my gears at least the dumb pax think we get paid.
  2. Boston
    So Lyft has changed the names of its ride types and Lyft Line is no more. It is now Lyft shared!
  3. Washington DC
    Best ride in a while granted will only take a line if the request is over 150% so yeah kept passing them boys
  4. New York City
    Lyft line solved Just simply go to airplane mode but first make sure gps set on Waze or google maps to where the passenger is going plus u don’t need internet Or Signal to use gps
  5. Complaints
    I am a new lyft driver. I had 2 pax from chicago downtown to ohare airport by lyft line. It took 30 min (18.0 mile) to drop them off passengers paid: $53.00 I received: $19.22 Lyft: $22.75 Others: $11.30 :confused: Is it normal!!! I think this is not fair :(
  6. New Jersey
    Anyone been Deactivated By Lyft and was able to get re-activated? A while back they deactivated me because of too many cancellations. Basically all the cancellations were for line. I have a 6pax car and I won’t do pool or line. Is it worth trying to get activated again?
  7. Lyft
    Line now accounts for 1/4 of all Lyft rides, according to this article.
  8. Lyft
    This happened twice this week, where passengers had to SQUEEEZE on in on a overlapping line request. Two PAX seemed geniunely shocked upon encountering another passenger already in the car, like it was my fault or something. I had to explain it to them, like an IKEA sign: Oh?! You must...
  9. Lyft
    So I pick up a guy at 63rd and biscayne early tgis morning. It was uhline. Whatever. The dest. Address is 1005 nw 10th ave (by Jackson). Didn't hear a peep until I am a block away from dropoff. Which way you going? To the address on the app, i show him Nah, that's the wrong address, suppose to...
  10. Portland
    Airport drop off, rematch pending. After I dropped off current pax it shiws that my new ride is a Line. Ugh, less chance of a tip, and no chance of upselling the ride. But a rematch is better than no rematch, so around the circle I go... As I arrive, Ding Ding another pax added. Pick up the...
  11. San Diego
    I'm still getting use to Lyft Line. Do any of you get alerts when an additional rider is added? I seem to remember that my first week, but today I had two Line rides and each time there was no alert and when I got to what I thought was the destination for the first pax, it was an additional...
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So I pick up a pax and he’s going 3 miles. He ask if I wanted a long trip. I said “what? You’re going to change your destination?” He says oh no, I was going to Mcdonald’s and then to Home Depot. Wtf is wrong with people? Oh and lyft keeps adding second passengers after I press the...
  13. Miami
    Nearly all my cancels/not accepts are UberPool/Lyft Line requests. I don't like to take them but on occasion, I will accept a Pool/Line rider. I immediately explain to the rider that the respective TNC, Uber/Lyft only pays the driver for the first rider or one rider no matter how many people are...
  14. New York City
    Why do passengers want to use a shared ride which inevitably delays them just to save $2? I honestly don't get it. Uber loses, the driver loses, the riders are generally unhappy with the product. What is the honest point of Uber poop and Lyft Poop for either company? The shareholders of Uber...
  15. Atlanta
    I haven't driven in a few months. In the time I was away, I saw that Lyft Line now pays the same as regular lyft. Has anyone noticed a difference in pay with the changes? How is it calculated once you get a second ride? Is it worth taking lyft Line now or should I still treat Lyft Line like...
  16. Boston
    I usually drive for Uber, but occasionally for Lyft. I will sometimes do Friday mornings, but usually only drive after work in the evenings and almost every Friday and Saturday night. I've never, ever gotten an UberPool request. About 80% of my Lyft requests are Lyft Line. I've spoken to...
  17. New York City
    Uber Poop (pool) and Lyft Line riders are so damn annoying and full of themselves! Before you guys bash me, I tend to take the poop ride and cancel on the second customer. I do only one ride because it's basically all you can get on these stupid apps. I do have a certain condition. If the...
  18. Chicago
    Just yesterday I updated the Lyft App to the latest version on my iPhone. When I receive a Ping i only see a brief text alert on top of the screen that only tells me that I have a new ride request from XYZ passenger. When I get past that I see the usual circle with the Pax name, rating and...
  19. Advice
    Both of these services are not available in my area at this time. As a result of this I am not aware of the full picture pros and cons for both pax and driver. Would you please provide me some facts on these? Also does it stop at 4 pax max or if you have an XL does it continue to 6 max...
  20. New York City
    RideWithVIA is in NYC, DC and Chicago. Supposedly, like uberPOOL with better driver pay and without the problems that Uber and Lyft introduced when they stole the idea. Has anybody driven for RideWithVIA? What did you think? Would you recommend it to other drivers or not? Is it better, worse or...
1-20 of 47 Results