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lyft express drive
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  1. Washington DC
    I’ve been doing lyft express drive now for almost a year. I’ve run into situations where I haven’t made the 20ride minimum and I’ve had to go in person for them to renew my rental. However, I have never run into a situation where I could not pay the rental fee if I didn’t make enough money for...
  2. Washington DC
    Probably snapped driving a Lyft Express Drive rental for $0.36/mile. Hope this drops the stock a little https://www.clickorlando.com/news/lyft-driver-accused-of-hitting-woman-after-she-wouldnt-give-her-a-5-star-rating
  3. Lyft
    Are u guys dealing with this crap or is it just me? Last week all I got was 1 ride for 15 hours online time. Today I've been online since 2pm and all I got so far is 4 rides. I'm sitting smack in the middle of hilcrest past hour with zero ping. Earlier I was in Gaslamp zero pings! Wat is going...
  4. Lyft
    The higher your acceptance rate, you will not get surges. In surge zones all night and all pings are no surges far away!! Its completely fixed!!!
  5. Lyft
    Hi guys- new Lyft Express Drive renter here... quick question (can't seem to find it online anywhere) - Lyft has already taken $250 deposit and I know I have to take my credit card with me tomorrow to pickup my rental but what will I be paying at Hertz? I just want to be sure there's enough...
  6. Lyft
    Has anyone rented their vehicle through lyft? It says $50.00 deposit and you can waive the fee each week working 75 rides or more? Can anyone tell me how this has been for them?
  7. Advice
    Is anyone using the Lyft express drive option? Are the rental cars brand new?
1-7 of 7 Results