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  1. Advice
    Hey guys! Desperate for some advise here! I'm starting my driving this week in my UberSelect car and wanted to know where to start.... Should I take a drive to DIA or start in the burbs where I live? Downtown? Also, I won't be working past 10pm, but could start as early as 7 most days... What...
  2. Advice
    My mother is getting older and her health isn't the best. So I'm the one who drives her to/from doctors appt. I set her up with uber and lyft on days I can't drive her. Her free Lyft rides were expiring and I'm a brand new Lyft driver trying to get my 50 rides in so I can get my bonus. It's...
  3. Denver
    Lyft Just matched the Uber market in Denver by lowering its rate. It looks like the competition is on... on the shoulder of drivers ! Winter Pricing Effective Friday, Jan. 15 Cost per mile: $1.01 Cost per minute: $0.12 Lyft Plus cost per mile: $1.85 Lyft Plus cost per minute: $0.31 Minimum...
1-3 of 3 Results