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  1. Las Vegas
    If your a rideshare driver, its best that you get your business licence and have it posted somewhere on your car. It clearly states on the license that it must be posted in a conspicuous area. The other worry, is rideshare insurance enough. Answer:No! A recent rideshare driver was in an...
  2. Seattle
    Has anyone experienced an encounter with one of these? I had two encounters the same night. A Lyft representative along with a Lyft driver got in my car trying to recruit me and have me switch over to Lyft; they said they do this almost every night, all night! hunting for (sending requests for)...
  3. Lyft
    The algorithms are completely set now that based on 50 hours a week. thats about 750 dollars - minus 200 in gas,, so about 550 if you don't eat lunch! it averages too 10 dollars an hour.... by the end of the week its all the same and they don't tell you its all fixed rides and targeted rides.
  4. Lyft
    Posting this all over social media.... ask your passengers to pay in vemno or PayPal because they scam drivers out of money
  5. Lyft
    With changes every week, making the algorithms even harder to make your daily quota, its a slap in the face of hard working Americans trying to get by. This company has become ruthless in replaying drivers for profits and providing personal data for new drivers. It's been a horrible transition...
  6. Complaints
    Hi my name is Dylan. Lyft's sign on bonus is the reason I am posting this thread today. This is my first time posting on this website. I've been driving for uber since November 2016, and drovefor lyft for the month of April 2017, but ripped their stickers off of my windshields yesterday, and I'd...
  7. Lyft
    So I like to start off by giving a little background to my start with lyft, I applied for more information to see what I needed to get started on November 8th at the time I used a promo code for 50 rides under a month and you get $200. So I got in touch with the mentor and my car just gave out...
  8. Lyft
    Are you finding these USEFUL or an ANNOYANCE? Personally, I don't appreciate Lyft alerting me to the fact that it's cold outside. Or that a Bulls basketball game is about to end. (Bulls play 30 miles from me.) Why can't the company work on something USEFUL and APPRECIATED, like increasing...
1-9 of 9 Results