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lyft abuses its drivers
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  1. Lyft
    I got fired by Lyft as deactivating my account...DESPITE THE FIVE STAR RATING AVERAGE with the (fake) badge notation of achievement. Because, I uploaded the photo of insurance, alongside photo of DL, to Lyft account with the expiration date of late January, and I got approved to work for Lyft...
  2. News
    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/uber-lyft-drivers-gig-economy-unemployment-benefits/ Nearly a month after the CARES Act expanded jobless aid to include gig workers, drivers for Lyft and Uber sidelined by the coronavirus-related economic shutdown are accusing the ride-share companies of holding up...
  3. San Francisco
    So Lyft wants to base paying drivers sick with Covid-19 on hours worked in a specific period. How do these people sleep at night? https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/06/tech/lyft-uber-coronavirus-financial-assistance/index.html
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  6. Lyft
    #Lyftiot A driver that drives for chump change and continues the race to the bottom.
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    Uber and Lyft Have Problems Paying Their Drivers. Here's What It Says About Both Companies An investigation revealed that drivers are seeing less from the ridesharing companies, even as both claim to be paying out more...
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  10. Advocacy
    Start earning as soon as you tap Accept Your time is valuable. But right now, you only earn when there's a passenger in your car. On August 21, we're updating the way your pay is calculated so you can earn for more of the time you spend driving. LEARN MORE...
  11. Miami
    Lyft is dying in the Ft Lauderdale area. Have time to waste try Lyft and do just that. They were family busy at this time last year but since going public have crashed and burned in South Florida. It's a waste of time to turn that app on unless you want to sit for an hour or two waiting to get a...
  12. Washington DC
    This was my last week of PT Multiplier on Lyft Since the PPZ this is my Lyft production this week I flat out refuse to be gaped by Lyft. Charging riders PT and giving us nothing. In the immortal words of V.P. Cheney "GFY Lyft!" I still leave the app on but let pings time out. Doing my...
  13. Washington DC
    Seriously **** both of you and anyone else affiliated with the Pink Tutu™. You assclowns could **** up a wet dream. I was doing primarily Lyft because I was making more money than with Uber. *Uber implemented Charlotte Surge. Lyft didn't then. Guess what? I did MUCH more Lyft. *Uber cut...
  14. San Francisco
    It was just a matter of time!!! Glad I got away from Uber and Lyft. Never felt better!!!!! https://chicago.suntimes.com/business/uber-lyft-drivers-rally-city-council-budget-hearing-wages-ride-hailing/
  15. Lyft
    Just when I thought Uber couldn't get any crazier with it's serious consideration of a drone delivery UberEats service. Keep this driver in your prayers https://www.foxnews.com/travel/lyft-driver-has-mental-breakdown-during-ride-california-passenger-says.amp
  16. New York City
    I have noticed that Lyft doesn't show surge on 45+min trips. I got 2 45+min pings last week in morning surge it was 100 prime time but it just says 45+min trip no prime time. Then yesterday it was surging 100 prime time in whole Manhattan and I keep getting ping for 45+ trip but no surge. Wtf...
  17. Lyft
    This was included in this week's Lyft Community Digest: Are they going to do a Men's History Month sweepstakes next month to honor your favorite Lyft dude? If not, as a guy, I am going to feel pretty discriminated against since I will not have a chance to win $1,000. Maybe I should just...
  18. Lyft
    I just submitted this to the Lyft help desk: I can't wait to see what they say!
  19. Lyft
    So I had my finger on the face of my phone because I was fumbling through web pages on Google Chrome with Uber and Lyft online. While I was doing that, Lyft, which has no time delay on the app pop up, sends me a ride request that I would have rejected otherwise and forces me to accept, because I...
  20. Las Vegas
    If your a rideshare driver, its best that you get your business licence and have it posted somewhere on your car. It clearly states on the license that it must be posted in a conspicuous area. The other worry, is rideshare insurance enough. Answer:No! A recent rideshare driver was in an...
1-20 of 50 Results