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  1. Austin
    Hey guys! Another post from me. I am enjoying reading all of our ideas and opinions. A friend and I came up with some points that would improve driver experience for Uber/Lyft/any other ride share app. Out of these points below, which do you think you would want and why? Would love to hear any...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Daily we are hearing more and more about employees mandatory vaccine..so IMO it's only a matter of time rideshare apps follow the pattern. Already concerts and stadiums you need to have proof of fully vaccinated in order for entry. So will you take it in order to be active on the platform or...
  3. Lyft
    Message from Lyft support that makes sense
  4. Yes

    San Francisco
    A nice cancellation , no Lyft drivers and this is a third party ride
  5. Lyft
    I have just had another session with Lyft support , after an hour and due to a Lyft app issue I got screwed out of a cancellation fee again.
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    8 shots where pinging off the staton as I am driving out. I saw the 2 guys on the receiving end of running off like it was a game- I thought I was going to be jacked- that close so I peeled out- THANK GOD THE STREETS WERE EMPTY - we gotta be essential and are blessed to be- but we have to be...
  7. San Francisco
    Just curious , I haven’t yet but debating it
  8. Lyft
    I quit couple of yrs ago and completely forgot about this place until I saw your new rates on the news... And I quite literally laughed my head off! And couldn't help it but come back for a minute and just ROFL hard! Ya know they say a sucker is born ever minute LMFAO. 3 or 4yrs ago you all...
  9. Complaints
    So today I was having a good day on Uber. I dropped at a wealthy beach on an island with a drawbridge. Sat for a few and the surge was gone so I turned on Lyft. I got a request 18 minutes away in the ghetto. I knew it would be one of the $2 dollar rides I always get. I hit no thanks and got this...
  10. Advice
    I've read where other drivers mention going back to rate pax within 24 hours after the trip. How is this done? I know how to rate pax immediately at the end of the trip. But I cannot find in the driver app where I can rate pax who I didn't rate immediately after their ride ended and it is...
  11. New York City
    i dont know how many people ever get those bonuses from Lyft. For Uber looks very easy to reach it but lyft its kind of impossible. Any experience or advise?
  12. Lyft
    Wanted to make a point of saying many the things that Uber is being sued for with respect to drivers, Lyft is doing the exact same thing. Or worse I had started noticing that many of cancelled rides that eclipsed 5 minutes were not being paid . So one week I started recording screen shots...
  13. Introductions
    I am a new driver with Lyft in the Seattle area. I drive a Subaru. I just finished my 1st week of driving. After my first week of driving, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. One thing for sure was that I wanted to find a ridesharing community that would offer advice and the hidden...
  14. Complaints
    So I've been screen shotting my Lyft pay because what is on my screen on Sunday night is always less than what they base my pay on before fees. Is anyone else noticing this?
  15. News
  16. Advice
    Hey everybody! My name is Robert. I was a LYFT driver in South Florida. I would like to share my experience of being LYFT partner, how I’ve got in some trouble, and how LYFT ditch me. I’ve drove for LYFT for couple month mostly in Miami area. I’ve been a good driver with nice 4.9 rating. I was...
1-16 of 16 Results