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  1. Las Vegas
    Hiya there everyone! I was wondering if anyone has ever been involved with rides to EDC in exchange for "suggested donations" from people in the car. If your answer is "yes" and you feel comfortable sharing, how much $$ was involved? Have a peaceful day :)
  2. Lyft
    Hi All, I’m trying to decide to rent a car w/ Lyft through their express drive program which requires a $250 rental deposit up front, then costs $200 per week for the rental. They do lower that weekly price if you hit a certain number of rides per week. Another plus is that they deduct the...
  3. San Francisco
    Found this waiting for me when I came home this morning to drop trous:
  4. Stories
    I had a guy off his best price for a butt cheek tattoo, an Obama impersonator, and some awesomely drunk folks. Another wild night in the A
  5. Lyft
    Im extremely upset at the miss leading and deceptive promo from this past week. I even called on Sunday to clarify. Promo Guarantee $470 for 40 rides. See Pics below. The promo also said Lyft line counts as a separate trip if pickup is in another location. I actually had over 40 rides. But thats...
  6. Washington DC
    Got this beautiful gem today almost printed it out to put on my backseat as an acheivement lmfao.. I guess I missed the two week training course that Lyft and Uber offered to the rest of you guys lmfao
  7. Houston
    Where do you check for the guarantees I never have anything pop up ?
  8. Technology
    I'm trying to be a brand-new rideshare driver as ridesharing just became available in upstate NY today. However, my lyft app won't connect. I had attended a lyft orientation meeting and was told once everything was up and running, that would be fixed. So far it hasn't. Any suggestions? I've...
  9. Chicago
    What's a good place to fish for pax? Naperville has too many ants. I picked up my Airbnb (pre arranged) customer, and noticed how many ants there were in Naper when I checked the pax app. Car is washed and am ready to go. Lawn can be mowed tomorrow. Nothing is surging here in West DuPage.
  10. Lyft
    I know everyone has a different PDB program. I just got used to this schedule, now they wanna emancipate us even more. I have 10 more rides to do every week, my friend has 20!! But in 2 weeks he went from having to do 80 rides to 130 rides and from getting 240 dollar free rental to 130 dollar...
  11. Complaints
    Hi my name is Dylan. Lyft's sign on bonus is the reason I am posting this thread today. This is my first time posting on this website. I've been driving for uber since November 2016, and drovefor lyft for the month of April 2017, but ripped their stickers off of my windshields yesterday, and I'd...
  12. Chicago
    Where can I get these head rests?? - - >
  13. New Jersey
    I was waiting for a decent incentive to join Lyft and the 150 rides in 45 days for $600 came up. They processed me in less than 12 hours, including the back ground check! It took Uber's Bollywood Comic Contingent over 2 weeks with multiple emails to their cannibus affected background check...
  14. Lyft
    I really need some advice about this situation...I need to know if I need to get ready and contact a lawyer or just wait. 3 days ago,I Turned my Lyft app on to make some emergency funds for the holiday,it was really late but I took my chances because I was in need.I got a ride ,picked up the...
  15. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Well we all survived at least I hope so. I would like to thank everyone on this holiday weekend who kept LA/OC/SD/CC/SGV/SF moving. With that, ( pours almond milk ) lets trade XMAS tales. I have two, both dramatic. LYFT STORY! ( its long ) I finally reached the end of my night and ALL day...
  16. Lyft
    Have you ever been scammed? The customer puts the ping on out of the primetime area then asks you to come to them while they are in the high primetime area. So they wait for you to arrive and then call and say can you meet me right in front of the concert while they are really a right in front...
1-16 of 16 Results