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  1. Stories
    Hi guys, I work outside of MIA Airport and overheard some Uber drivers at the corner cafeteria, candidly claiming how they hacked the airport queue system and are making up to a thousand dollars a day. By what I heard, it’s something like this: They use a fake gps app to place their location...
  2. Lyft
    Hello, I'm new to ridesharing. I live in northeastern PA and I signed up for Uber and Lyft to make some extra cash during my downtime. I was approved by Lyft in about 5 days (still waiting on Uber background check). Lyft suggested a region about 45 minutes from me. I know my area has a small...
  3. Miami
    Other than the holidays or events is anyone doing any good with LUX or LUX SUV? I used to crush it every day. The last year plus it's worthless to do UBER palm beach, Broward or Miami. I think riders aren't going with UbER as much or maybe there are way too many drivers on the road at this...
  4. Advice
    What is the best time to drive a Lux/LuxSuv in the Miami area?
  5. Advice
    I drive a Chevrolet Tahoe, other Uber drivers want to rent my vehicle, I spoke with my insurance and I'm able to do it and they can put a new vehicle in their account... now anybody had experiences doing this? Price ideas? schedules and times?
1-5 of 5 Results