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  1. Advice
    Greetings All: I am new to Uber and lyft. I recently applied to drive for both companies as a side gig to earn a little extra cash. After being approved lyft allroved my car for lux rides, but Uber only approved me for regulate Uber x rides only not lux. I drive a 2017 Infiniti. Q50 red...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hey everyone, was looking at purchasing an Audi A8L so I can drive Uber Lux on the weekends. I called support to clarify that it is eligible and he said that it was not? I see on Uber's site they do not list the A8L under Lux, but they do list it under select and Black. Seems very strange to me...
  3. San Diego
    Looks like they have no customers in San Diego. Spent 5:05 hrs last night at SAN . Home take was $0.00 . Spent the whole week so far 22 hours. And look at what I made this week.
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So I was taken to Newport Beach last night and got a Lux 45+ ping from a 5.o pax. Picked up a well dressed gentleman and asked him where he was heading. "Bel Air. Does that work for ya?" I reply "let's do it" and we're on our way. As soon as he gets in the car he wants the radio off so he can...
  5. Pay
    Hi there my name is Rob i Purchased a vehicle for uber lux/Lyft Lux in los angeles if i really put in many hours whats the average i can make
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hi everyone My name is Rob i want to drive uber lux so im going to buy a luxury car tomorrow to start driving does anyone know if the maserati quatroporte S qualifies as a uber lux car in los angeles it does not show up in the list but its more luxury and more expensive then the cars in the list...
  7. Austin
    - noun Pax who pays for Standard (X) ride on Uber, Lyft or RideAustin but believes (demands) that he/she should get all the extras given to (reserved for) pax who pay for Lux, Lux SUV, Black or Black SUV. I'm sure that there are more parts to this definition; but that's the best I can think...
  8. Miami
    i recently upgraded my vehicle and now qualify for premium. Seems rediculous to have a premium car and have it set to any ride. Why would would I pick up a 2.64 lyft line or pool in my Mercedes? That being said, can you get enough demand on premium/Lux only to make it worthwhile to drive such a...
  9. Miami
    Hello, I have been Lux driver for about one year with Uber. I have been on the forum but never posted. I feel it may be beneficial to us LUX drivers to setup a cooperative network and possibly this forum can serve as a vehicle for our network. The network will provide helpful tips, advice and...
  10. Advice
    i was wondering if I should offer any "extras" to my LUX passengers. I don't do anything special for my standard Lyft and Premier riders, aside from making charging ports available. But LUX passengers aren't paying for a ride as much as they're paying for an experience. I allow them to use...
  11. Denver
    Anyone doing Lyft LUX/LUX SUV 8pm - 6am? OR even in the day? Please let me know your stats with that. Thank you.
  12. Miami
    Other than the holidays or events is anyone doing any good with LUX or LUX SUV? I used to crush it every day. The last year plus it's worthless to do UBER palm beach, Broward or Miami. I think riders aren't going with UbER as much or maybe there are way too many drivers on the road at this...
  13. Miami
    I've been driving LUX (select) for 2 years, and keep excellent records of my rides and earnings, I have found this summer is materially worse than last year. I generally work Friday night, Saturday and Sunday (Beach communities, Midtown-Downtown up to Aventura), and have found I am only seeing...
  14. Denver
    Does anyone only do Select/Premier/XL/Plus and drive at night full time in the Denver metro area? I am considering buying a used 2010 - 2012 GMC Yukon around $21,000 to drive Select/Premier/XL/Plus maybe LUX if its 2011 or 2012 and some regular pings on the right surge percentage. Is there...
  15. Miami
    Hey everybody, how's it going? I'm new here, so exuse me if I get something wrong or failed to find reports of similar issues earlier, but i'm kinda desperate. I drove for 1 month with uberX. Recently changed my car and changed the platform for LUX/LUX SUV. From what i see I'm getting MUCH LESS...
  16. Advice
    What is the best time to drive a Lux/LuxSuv in the Miami area?
  17. Advice
    I drive a Chevrolet Tahoe, other Uber drivers want to rent my vehicle, I spoke with my insurance and I'm able to do it and they can put a new vehicle in their account... now anybody had experiences doing this? Price ideas? schedules and times?
  18. Miami
    Is anyone driving LUX only in Miami or Miami Beach? Everyone I know driving LUX is also driving SUV LUX and XL. Some drivers have told me that out of the three platforms, XL is the real bread winner and LUX is basically only for weekends.........hmmmmm....Fact or Fiction?
  19. Miami
    Please guys if anybody knows of someone looking to rent their SUV send me a private message with their contact information. Thank you so much!
1-19 of 26 Results