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  1. Vehicles
    Hey guys! I’m planning to get Suburban to start doing SUV. How it is in south Florida? Miami area. I’m new in this industry, any advice? Thanks!
  2. Austin
    - noun Pax who pays for Standard (X) ride on Uber, Lyft or RideAustin but believes (demands) that he/she should get all the extras given to (reserved for) pax who pay for Lux, Lux SUV, Black or Black SUV. I'm sure that there are more parts to this definition; but that's the best I can think...
  3. Advice
    i was wondering if I should offer any "extras" to my LUX passengers. I don't do anything special for my standard Lyft and Premier riders, aside from making charging ports available. But LUX passengers aren't paying for a ride as much as they're paying for an experience. I allow them to use...
  4. Advice
    MY QUESTION: Should I change my city to Jersey City, where I will spending most of my time driving but is in a different state or should I change it to Philadelphia which is still in my home state but has LUXSUV and Premier? And if I do go with Philadelphia, will I be able to pick up LUXSUV and...
  5. Denver
    Anyone doing Lyft LUX/LUX SUV 8pm - 6am? OR even in the day? Please let me know your stats with that. Thank you.
  6. Miami
    Hey everybody, how's it going? I'm new here, so exuse me if I get something wrong or failed to find reports of similar issues earlier, but i'm kinda desperate. I drove for 1 month with uberX. Recently changed my car and changed the platform for LUX/LUX SUV. From what i see I'm getting MUCH LESS...
  7. Advice
    Hago lyft y UBER En un Toyota corola y Entre Todo Lo Malo no me va mal es factible de de $ 800 a $ 1200 por semana. Quiero dar Un paso adelante y comprarme Una camioneta Para Hacer UBER lux vehículo deportivo utilitario (GMC YUKON) con la idea de Hacer Al menos el doble a la semana Por Que Es Un...
  8. Miami
    I usually accept ride requests for all three platforms (xL, lux, lux suv) if I wanna make any money. Are people actually getting requests for luxury suvs????? My neighbor who also has a lux suv does the same thing. It seems that there is an over a abundance of lux suvs and all willing to...
  9. Miami
    Now that I have been working uber for nearly one week (and Lyft for only a couple of rides) I am very disappointed that tips in South Florida are a rarity in both platforms. I drive a brand new infiniti suv, keep my vehicle spotless, i keep myself well put together/presentable even in the...
  10. Miami
    I know many of you are thinking/contemplating that if you get into a LUX SUV you are hitting the big time and big dollars and you will be cleaning house. Nothing could be further from the truth. It WAS good a few months ago during the season but now the limo companies and car hire services...
  11. Miami
    I get an email today that they are adding a LUX SUV only option. Wonder what the reasoning is behind this or UBER's motive? They see people scamming the system getting SUV for a LUX or XL price. There are so many LUX SUV's on the road anymore its crazy. Thoughts?
1-11 of 11 Results