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  1. Stories
    So I’m starting out my morning, waiting for a potential airport run. I get a ping from Caroline for an XL, 18 minutes away. It says it’s a 69 minute ride, so I know it must be an airport run. Within a minute I get a phone call. I declined the call like I always do. A minute later I get the...
  2. London
    Hi, could anyone tell me if an uberX in London can fit luggages? I am the only passenger and I'll be carrying my backpack and handbag one large suitcase, one cabin bag and a bag with random stuff.
  3. Insurance
    Someone warned me not to hit "Drop off" to end my AP run as soon as I arrive curbside. The reason: Even if the pax leaves the car, I am still liable as long as their luggage has not yet been unloaded. True?
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Yesterday morning I had a pickup request from the Beverly Hills Hotel. Which is rare because typically those high-end hotels have house cars Etc. Too much luggage hard metal suitcases were expected to fit into my C250 trunk. They wanted to stick it in my backseat I told them no because I don't...
  5. Washington DC
    Are pax crazy? How do you and your friend call an UBER X with 5 large suitcases plus 2 hand bags? Shuffle time!!!!!!! What about paying for extra luggage and limit to 1 suitcase and a handbag per pax. I am keeping handy a referral for a MOVING CO. 2nd ping today What is today ? Luggage day...
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    picked up a nice lady at the airport, drove her to the hotel - 16 miles trip - before she gets out she says: oh myyy, I left my suitcase at the airport, can we go back since we had a nice conversation, it was fun to go back, wait for her to retrieve the case, then drive her back to the hotel...
  7. Houston
    Last Saturday I arrived at a downtown hotel for a pick up of a family going to Galveston. When they told me they were going to Galveston, I declined to take them and told them to request again. I just didn't have time to do it on Saturday, although I've done that trip before. Apparently, I was...
  8. Vehicles
    Hi guys , for any of you guys who do either uber or lyft with a hatchback car (with the smaller , 3/4 sized trunk), have you had any problems with passengers trying to fit baggage (suitcases and whatever) in your car ? Or have you had any problems getting your car approved for either service ...
  9. Notifications
    According to Uber, these services are meant for UberBLACK Now we have proof! https://www.uber.com/nyc-riders/products/uberblack-suv/ "Every once in awhile, you want to treat yourself-extra help with your luggage, a spotless interior and some mints, or maybe even an AUX cord to listen to the...
  10. Ratings
    It seems lately that I have been getting some more entitled and obnoxious passengers. Two of them were on NYE, no surprise there. You can go back and rate these riders what they deserve by clicking on the fare amount after its posted, "rider feedback" then "change my rating for a rider". It also...
  11. Toronto (Ontario)
    I left my stuff in the back of an Uber I didn't request. He cancelled the original uber person (we were at the bar in newmarket called the firkin at Goran and Leslie) we paid you cash and I forgot my stuff in your trunk. Please get a hold of me I have alot of clothes in there nothing worth...
  12. Introductions
    New driver in town. Sac region, primarily. My initial questions: * Any safety tips for ubering as a woman? * My trunk is crowded. Do people often ask to use the trunk, i.e., for luggage?
  13. Complaints
    I had two ladies request a ride this evening. I get there and their security guard is giving me a hard time. Then I get to them and they have two bags going to the airport. I tell them my car can't hold luggage. Request unexpected XL. The get mad call me out my name! I cussed they old horn...
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Three riders, six pieces of luggage? I cancelled the ride and told them they need to request an XL. The PAX looked confused. What part of my trunk is too small don't you get?
  15. Advice
    Hi, May I know what is the luggage capacity for Uber XL? I will be travelling to the airport with my family in total 5 of us with 2 large luggage, 1 medium luggage and a small cabin sized luggage. Is it sufficient to order a Uber XL or 2 UberX would be better? Thanks.
  16. New York City
    Hi! I am moving to US and I will arrive at JFK with 2 adults (me and my wife) 1 baby and 7 bags + Stroller. It will fit in one Uber XL??? Is there any difference between XL and SUV in terms of space?? Thanks!!!
  17. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I get a ping for a pick up in Hollywood. I am near Franklin and Highland during rush hour which seems to be 24/7 in that part of town. They are 3 min away but from the spot I am in, there is no quick and easy way to get to their location. They call me and I assure them I am on the way. At...
  18. Dallas
    I never leave my drivers seat for UberX Pax just curious how other drivers handle it.
  19. Philadelphia
    I normally drive in Philly but on Mondays I'll drive in jersey so that I can purchase pick 6 lotto tix. Anyway... I get a ping for Trenton train station, I get there and it's 2 guys with 4 huge pieces of luggage. Mind you, I drive a Honda Civic...where would the luggage go? Why didn't they order...
1-20 of 21 Results