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  1. Complaints
    Hi everyone, Although I’m new to Uber, having been reading threads since the moment I got the job, I know how to behave myself to avoid low ratings. I greet pax when they jump in, ask them the opinion about the navigation, have basic small talks such as how’s your day/night, have a good...
  2. Connecticut
    Please reply to confirm if my understanding is correct or not. Lyft has threatened to deactivate drivers for both low ratings and high cancellation percentage, but has not yet done so in Connecticut. At any time, without warning, Lyft may choose to implement their previously announced policy and...
  3. Atlanta
    Last week I picked up VIP rider from the Atlantic Station. She was visiting from Miami and you can tell she was RICH lady in her late 50’s. Well, she had 3 other companion girls with her sitting in the back seat and this VIP Rich Lady sat up front with me but did not care to put on her seat belt...
1-3 of 3 Results