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  1. Burlington
    I was just curious what is the worst "trap ride" you guys have ever taken. By trap ride I mean longest distance to pick up a rider for the shortest trip (minimum fare or only slightly better).
  2. Chicago
    Hi, Guys. I travel from Chicago to Naperville in the morning(leave around 8:00am) and back from Naperville to Chicago in the afternoon( leave around 6:00pm), every Tue Wed and Thu. If anyone want to travel with me instead of driving his/her own car, feel free to reply this thread. We can...
  3. Washington DC
    Gone are the days a friday would earn a decent amount now its like you can barely cross 100 alone 50 starting in the burbs and hoping someone goes to dc and the filter is hit or miss so seems likes its time to throw in the towel
  4. Seattle
    I have been driving for Uber for a year and been making good extra cash. Currently, I am doing the Lyft new driver bonus $350 with 50 trips. The ridesharing experience with Lyft has not been good as Uber. I am not able to the surge price level in their driver app. They surge price level often...
  5. Jacksonville
    So guys I see that uber is making mo money mo money mo money and now taking 25% off the rip so now that will be about $0.50 per mile, I think its time to quit this is BS now they going to damn far. So they uped the rider fee so they can make more money then they are taking 25% for more money...
  6. Complaints
    and these people can't just walk? I think this is my lowest fare. 82cents lol
1-6 of 6 Results