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  1. Stories
    Hi, I'm new in this forum. I wanted to ask u what's wrong in uber and how uber should improve itself. What do u think about it and what do u hate and love in uber?
  2. Stories
    I so dearly missed you! :p No truly! I have. You’re just some of the awesomest coolest people I know on the World Wide Web! And even though I don’t drive anymore I still think of you..... sometimes. Wishing all of you a happy belated New Years! Have a great blessed year! Hope you make $$$ and...
  3. London
    WoW Boyz/Sisters just came back from TFL inspection , and guess my inspection failed .....why ? cuz I have latest model dash camera fitted in my car a Blackvue DR900s. Was told that the camera is not on the TLF approved dash camera list. But some of the links I found on the TFL's pdf approved...
  4. New York City
    https://people.com/human-interest/micaela-otoole-jared-thomas-uber-marry-ride-kansa/amp/ Tldr: dude hopped in poop ride (wife to be was the driver) , met chick riding in poop ride... now they married... :wtf: So for all you looking for love take them poop rides... to meet your husband or...
  5. Seattle
    As many of you know I have spent several weeks in every state in the continental U.S. as a long haul semi trucker. Outside of my native state of New York, I will have to say I consider California to be one of my second favorite states. Beautiful landscapes, good food, diversity and...
  6. News
    Full story: https://m.sfgate.com/technology/businessinsider/article/A-researcher-rode-more-than-5-000-miles-with-Uber-13345975.php On the surface, there may not appear to be much of a difference between Uber and Lyft. But there are more subtle differences only an ethnographer might notice...
  7. Vehicles
    Especially in Urban markets, Prii seem to be the go-to econobox to haul pax. The driving experience is an acquired taste I've come to savor. I'd love to see how others have shown their Prius some love. Post your Prius! I'm rocking a Super Dirty 2012 Prius II in Winter Gray Metallic with 123k...
  8. UberEATS
  9. Chicago
    Hello it is just a pin prick do you feel the pain? Let us all unite together and fix this business and company for good. The next CEO has offered me a high profile position in the organization. So everyone beware !
  10. Washington DC
    let's share stories while ubering ! 1- Funny picked up girl 35 years old valentine day last year !asked her if she got plan or any flowers lol she said No this all lies and not me ! ! i said me too ! than she start tell me she never able hold on boy friend ! told her I m same ...
  11. Los Angeles & Orange County
    i guess grabbing life has its drawbacks its sad because not one of those people will EVER have the need to work again in their lives https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/06/technology/uber-fired.html?_r=0
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    so here we go- and i was sent an e mail saying i should aspire to get an great amenity badge? at .40 a mile ? WOW!!! let it rip fam
  13. Toronto (Ontario)
    What ever happened to rikstaker and his lady wife smilingeyes ? I was enjoying their dramatic PepeLePew-esque love story. Things sure are boring around here lately.
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Life so hard when Some PAX can't stop flow of diarrhea from mouths for like even 10 mins and ask my favorite thing about driving Ubers. What is yours? Here's some of mine. 1. I'm sadomasochistic so no need to tip, I'll take care of that after I drop you off. 2. They don't drug test. I'm sofa...
  15. Sydney
    I completed my very last Uber trip tonight. Yep, finally moving on with my life and jumping off the financial treadmill that is full time Uber. I'm looking forward to my new job with better prospects and a healthier lifestyle. Driving an Uber for 3 years has given me a unique insight into how...
  16. Los Angeles & Orange County
    ... The app asked me for my 3 favorite things about Uber. I could only come up with one, sort of;
1-17 of 18 Results