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  1. Dallas
    130 cars at DFW = 30mins - 2hrs depending on the time of day 130 cars at Love Field = 2hrs+ anytime/every day of the week Maximum short fare with auto queue jump at DFW with promotion = Gaylord Hotel $8-10 depending on route +$3 promotion = $11-13 NO SHORT FARE QUEUE JUMP AT LOVE FIELD! If...
  2. Dallas
    Just started and trying to understand. Do the new state guidelines eliminate the need for a permit at DFW and Love?
  3. Dallas
    Repeat after me... as the queue goes down... 27, 13, 8, 3.... WAX ON / WAX OFF ...errr ahhh APP ON / APP OFF ! Last night DAL gets to 3 ... THEN marches back to 17 , 26, ... !
  4. Dallas
    Tired of driving up on Love Field with a queue of 7...turn off app...wait and monitor waiting for the 2.0x surge. ...then it slowly climbs 9,12, 15, 18 Aaargh! Maybe flashers are signal that my app is off...not saying to collude... just saying...
  5. Dallas
    Most pax prefer to be dropped off upstairs at DFW ('Arrivals')...the DFW rules per Lyft say to drop off in Departures level. What do you do? Has dropping off upstairs been an issue? Which zones upstairs are fair game...pax pickup...shared ride zone? I've dropped many upstairs with zero...
  6. Dallas
    Anyone having an issue seeing the airport Que's on the android app?? I cannot see any que at all.
  7. Dallas
    After getting my ticket for 'allegedly :) ' using the 'Limo curb' (see Love Field Tickets)... I began wondering why Limo's need that much curb space anyway - in fact up until recently they did not have 1/4 of all the curb space; they had ~ 1 space where they were called to as PAX arrived - i...
  8. Stories
    I started driving UberX back in April 2016, Every weekend since I got the permits, I've gone to Love field and waited in the cell phone lot for a rider. That was until now. Now I park and wait on Hawes Street. But on this particular day, I did indeed park in the Cell Phone Lot. As I pulled...
  9. Dallas
    Anyone know what happened with the shuttle crash at love field today?
  10. Dallas
    New-ish to Uber but just reading about the permits needed for Dallas. Can someone point me in the direction of where I need to go and what permits i need to get? I live just north of Dallas and do want to make airport runs too. Thanks!
1-11 of 11 Results