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  1. Stories
    This happened this morning in Seattle Washington. I know this section of roadway very well. I smell Airport Ant with this one: Washington State Patrol finds driver playing Pokemon Go on 8 phones at once Aug. 15, 2019 at 6:55 am Updated Aug. 15, 2019 at 11:06 am By Christine Clarridge Seattle...
  2. Chicago
    For tonight, 1/31/19, 9PM CST, WGN Chicago TV news coverage: One of the scheduled segments tonight is video coverage of the ORD TNP lot, including complaints from passengers about waiting an hour to get picked up. All of you double-parking, dodge-em'-cars, antsy pit lurkers are probably going...
  3. Boston
    So it appears starting Tuesday morning December 11th the Logan AppRide/TNC lot is moving again to 226 Porter Street. Umm ok....we just expanded where we are now. Why are we moving again. And can anyone share exactly where this is? I did a Google map to the address and it put me in front of a...
  4. Chicago
    You're immediately added to the Queue as soon as you pass the Mannheim N exit from the 190 if driving solo, i.e. no pax. You're made available or qualify to rematch if you're dropping off. Regardless, after ending the trip, you're in pit purgatory of sorts, whereby you qualify for the rematch so...
  5. New Jersey
    Food truck has been relocated. The food truck now sits next to the Porta Potty in case drivers develop a case of Mudd Butt after eating.
  6. Boston
    While I was UBERing last night I noticed the signage that the APP/Ride TNC staging lot is being MOVED on Monday 8/27. Does anybody here have any information on where its moving to? Hopefully its still convenient to reaching the terminals quickly. On a side note im glad they are moving...
  7. Chicago
    Just passed by O'Hare and the ride-sharing lot is blocked off - when I look at Maps it says 'Closed' Anyone work Ohare today - Is there a different lot now?
  8. Miami
    Staging Lot at MIA Airport- OPEN
  9. New York City
    Currently waiting at the Marina Lot near Citifield. I noticed a halal cart here. Is he any good?
  10. Phoenix
    Ok.... All of us full time drivers and those who like the airport runs are all complaining about the rematch. Nobody likes cutting in line. It's awesome if you get a ride in but it's not fair to those in queue who are waiting up to three hours. Setting the destination filter to PHX Skyharbor...
  11. Chicago
    This morning....Between terminal 2 & 3. I wonder what is going on?
1-11 of 11 Results