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  1. Lyft
    Hi Drivers, We launched our new app called BOUNTE in the app stores. We think we have a cool app for you which can make you some extra money while helping people find their lost items. Someone loses a wallet, watch or Beats headphones. They post it on our app. We send out notifications to...
  2. Chicago
    People lose stuff all the time! Bags, jewelry, wallets, laptops. They post these lost items on the BOUNTE app and offer a reward. So how do you make extra money? Download BOUNTE in the app stores FOR FREE and it will notify you the second someone loses something within a mile of your current...
  3. Chicago
    I have a friend that left their keys in an uber yesterday. I told them to tip the driver for coming out of his way to bring the keys back. That friend informed me that they would not tip because they are paying a $15 fee to get the item returned. I was shocked to hear about the fee. My thoughts...
1-3 of 3 Results