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  1. Advice
    Is this technically an example of "long hauling"?
  2. Stories
    I usually don't longhaul, but in my four months of driving this was the first time Uber actually lost money. Although it's not much, I must say there is joy in seeing a negative number in Uber's cut. I can see why you longhaulers do it often :)
  3. Advice
    I admit it. I am a Longhauler extraordinaire. I specifically look for ways to Longhaul whenever humanly possible, looking to maximize my earnings and screw Uber/Lyft. I'm curious about UPNet's view on Longhauling. Note I am NOT talking about taking a ridiculous out of the way route like these...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Community, Any one try long hauling (taking a longer route to a destination) to make extra money driving Uber/Lyft. As per article below, by doing this you could easily increase your fare received by 20-30%. Personally, I find it dishonest, equivalent to mechanics padding the bill...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Longhauling and Z-Hauling are now immortal. Was the L.A. driver one of you Deplorables? https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/uber-drivers-take-riders-the-long-wayat-ubers-expense-1534152602 Uber Drivers Take Riders the Long Way-at Uber's Expense 'Longhauling' is among tactics used by ride-hailing...
  6. Chicago
    Mapnik brought up longhauling in another recent thread and as it hasn't been discussed much on the Chicago forum in this new era of upfront pricing, I think it's worth bringing up and in it's own thread. When I started 2-1/2 years ago I equated longhauling with cheating cabbies driving lost...
  7. Washington DC
    That is how we supposed to get pay. Best pool ever.
  8. Washington DC
    You guys know I'm fond of Longhauling., especially utilizing the New2This Memorial Highway AKA 695/295 then across the Wilson Bridge. Tonight it's legit to use 'That pesky construction on 395. Have to go 295...' excuse since 395 South is backed up due to construction. Happy Longhauling
1-8 of 8 Results