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  1. London
    Hi,so sent my application 15th Mar Online and got the topo test invite test 3 weeks later as per usual slow TFL process. Called TFL and earliest on all centers (and those not local from me East London) was 15th June..? 27th with Uber Greenlight as well? Rang a few centres to see if they could...
  2. New York City
    I got this trip and I thought pessenger would go to jfk but I ended up in Long Island. Then I did not get any ping from Long Island. I had to come back empty hands. I made $97.68-13.5-5 including tolls.
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Has anyone get a LONG Trip Notification (+40 mins) on Uber Pool or LYFT line? I only got it once. Was the Pool/Line lucrative at all, as you are picking up additional passengers on a long trip?
  4. San Francisco
    Uber must know full well that no-one except the blindest ant will take these, so I wonder if they're used, 20s at a time, to keep pax watching the "finding your car" screen, instead of firing up the Lyft app. If that was the case it's definitely better to press No Thanks than let it time out.
  5. Complaints
    I had three straight request for 20 min rides and now my acceptance rate is 55 percent because I denied them. I have been online for 8 hours this week with no request until now. What the hell, man??
  6. Technology
    I got a request today that had something new. Right above the riders name and star rating were the words, "Long Trip." Sure enough, he was going 245 miles away. I had to decline it unfortunately but it got me wondering...How long does a trip have to be before Uber considers it long? Has anyone...
  7. Chicago
    Does anybody here on forum mine bitcoins ? I wonder if any geeks out here driving had as much time as I do and spend like 100+h reading waiting for this bs pings to come and went it to that lol. What other interests did you guys picked up because of massive amount of down time ?
1-7 of 8 Results