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long waits

  1. New Jersey
    Have You heard about this and what do You think? https://www.abc10.com/article/news/nation-now/blacks-face-longer-wait-times-on-uber-lyft-than-other-races-worse-for-taxis-study-says/465-869424e7-608e-4ea5-b098-68dc9bf976ad
  2. Advice
    I've noticed on more than one occasion that after I complete 2 or 3 different rides in an hour generating some decent money ($30+) that it then takes more than 45 minutes sometimes an hour to receive another request in a highly populated area at typically busy times. Does the Uber algorithm not...
  3. Tampa
    Anyone else having issues with some restaurants being just awful to us? First on this list for me is Miguel's Mexican Seafood. I have personally stopped taking requests for them (3035 W Kennedy). Drivers are told to wait outside the back door with their cleaning supplies and call to alert...