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  1. Advice
    How do you feel about long rides?
  2. New York City
    Assuming you work ~60 hours, how many 45+ Long Rides do you receive in a week on average?
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    pretty solid bit of suburban driving over the last couple days. Most LYFT fare back in the double digits.
  4. Houston
    Hello Drivers, I am in trinity, tx 75862. I need a ride to Bush International on March 27. I'm heading back to Nome Alaska. My flight leaves at 7:20PM, so getting there roughly 2 hours before would be good. I am willing to give generous tip for driving out to pick me up. (Open to negotiation)...
  5. Denver
    Locals know it's BS but travelers are wondering why We can get to Ft. Collins in 50mins at rush hour. Just setting me up for listening to loud sighs from the backseat. These must be ETAs for UberHelicopter.
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I'm totally not sleeping tonight....BUT it's not base at least. Any suggestions... Chicken out! Well my PAX needed a smoke, so we are on break.... Stopped for food. We are road tripping... Lol..He's high as hell...( Cough) Go blue Freerideany1
  7. Denver
    Whats goin Denver Int'l drivers? So I'm currently driving full time in Maryland, and I primarily drive at Baltimore-Washington Int'l. I'm curious how the rides are out there, fo you get a decent amount of rides out to Boulder, Colorado Springs, and other cities that are farther out than Denver...
  8. Chicago
    When you pray for long rides, you can't get them and when you are looking to get the short rides to meet the 55 for $85. You can't pay for a short ride. I've been getting airport ride after airport ride. City to suburb ride. I'm at the airport now and I was in queue for a short time. I got a...
  9. Dallas
    What city has the most long runs to Dallas or the airport, etc? I have a feeling it's the northern suburbs but I'm not sure. I know if you start in Dallas, it's all small rides. Should I start in Plano or Lewisville or Frisco? Let me know your thoughts.
  10. Los Angeles & Orange County
    ****does anyone in los angeles or orange county have the Uber Destination filter feature yet?**** So today I got a ride to Anaheim out of LAX. It was 35 miles exactly. I was headed to the chevron to get a green tea over by Disneyland then I was going to get away from the park when I get a ping...
  11. Phoenix
    the mayo clinic and cancer treatment center in scottsdale is great for long rides and they always tell me how long it takes thier uber to arrive. Merry Christmas...you will make money and provide a service to someone who doesnt want to hang around that rotten place anymore than they have to...
1-11 of 11 Results