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  1. Advice
    Hi, First off, let me extend my apologies if this topic was already discussed. I did a search before writing this post and didn't find anything that specifically covered this topic. I'm a fairly new driver and drove for a few months in 2018 when I encountered this scam about 3 times more...
  2. Providence
    Hello, I started driving Uber and Lyft full time in January, in mid January I started getting Uber quests which prompted me to stick with them the whole week to complete quests, when Lyft saw I stopped driving for them around the first week of March Lyft sent me a weekly guarantee of 80 rides...
  3. Chicago
    Surge will be very rare thanks to long pickup fees. Now when you sit outside a bar or event waiting on the surge, it probably won't happen. Cars from further away will just come into the area to pick up and the fee gets passed along to the rider. This is just a big bucket game that is moving...
  4. Portland
    I am optimistic that the changes with U/L regarding paying extra for picking up longer fares will be beneficial. Beginning of Oct I started ignoring fares that were over 8 minutes away (cuz I cant hit max PDB anymore). I didnt realize how many 12 minute pings I was actually getting every day...
  5. Detroit
    ABOUT TIME THEY GOT THEIR SHIT TOGETHER!!!!!! Now I will have no problem driving 20 minutes to pick up Bonquiesha from Walfart in Woodhaven!!!!! LOL https://www.uber.com/c/180-days/pre-pickup-earnings-updates/
1-5 of 5 Results