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  1. Lyft
    Want more proof that the Lyft AI discriminates, and intentionally tries to F you? It is just after 3pm here on a Friday. Rush hour is in full swing. Beautiful sunny day, waaaaaay too many drivers to compete with. I got a ping for a pickup 21 minutes away! The pickup is next to the largest mall...
  2. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    Does Lyft have an equivalent to Uber's Premium Pickup Likely?
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    A. Accept the trip but stay in place (and not move) hoping the passenger will cancel. B. Cancel the trip immediately after accepting it. C. Not accept the trip at all. D. Drive the opposite way on purpose hoping the passenger will cancel the trip or Lyft will reassign. E. Pick up the...
  4. Chicago
    Surge will be very rare thanks to long pickup fees. Now when you sit outside a bar or event waiting on the surge, it probably won't happen. Cars from further away will just come into the area to pick up and the fee gets passed along to the rider. This is just a big bucket game that is moving...
  5. Advice
    So, I’ve had one on Lyft - not sure if Uber has them, maybe just not where I am. Anyhoo, if they do then how would that square up with surge zones? You’d figure that if there was real demand in the surge (and lack of supply) then you’d also see long trip notices into the surge zone. Any...
1-5 of 5 Results