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  1. Chicago
    Surge will be very rare thanks to long pickup fees. Now when you sit outside a bar or event waiting on the surge, it probably won't happen. Cars from further away will just come into the area to pick up and the fee gets passed along to the rider. This is just a big bucket game that is moving...
  2. Portland
    I run 2 phones, one for each app. On very rare occasions I get simultaneous pings. What are the odds of getting 2 pings, same time, both 14 minutes away??
  3. Advice
    (I'm going to purposely not even take into account Surge Pricing for this example. That's another variable you have to decide if you want to chance waiting for a Surge Fare or take a non-Surge Fare. Track it every time and then make a decision which one is better.) I think there are a few ways...
  4. Complaints
    Is this guy just lazy to hike back to the main road? Lol
1-4 of 4 Results