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  1. Complaints
    Like a dummy I took a ping with Long pickup fee "likely". Drove over 10 minutes to arrive at the location. Uber navigation took my down a street toward a Hotel that had that street entrance blocked off. OK, so I drive a few blocks more to come around to an open entrance. No big deal because I...
  2. Boston
    So I've done a little experimenting with this and wanted to share what I've learned. You can't milk a LPF, at least not in a sense of going the long route for more mileage to pick someone up. If you take a longer route they will adjust your Long Pickup payment to reflect the most "reasonable"...
  3. New Jersey
    Apparently Uber bites the bullet with these long pickup fees, at least this one...
  4. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    Does Lyft have an equivalent to Uber's Premium Pickup Likely?
1-5 of 5 Results