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long hauling
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  1. Stories
    Picked up a smelly 4.6 Poo pax (it was a little slow). Guy got in with the most obnoxious body odor ever. It smelled like butt breath, grated garlic baked mashed onion, and mildew. Had to roll the windows down on that one. 2 angry pool pax that were added to the route didn’t get picked up...
  2. Phoenix
    just got my second Tucson run yesterday! I was at sky harbor had a noshow (dead cell) and canceled! Damn it, it was to anthem and would have stopped and went home! Then this happens....
  3. News
    With the new low rates for Las Vegas, the fair and equitable thing to do for all Uber drivers is to include tipping on your billing app for passengers and do not advertise that "the tip" is included in the fare. It is definitely not included with your new low rates. Average cab fare from...
1-3 of 3 Results