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  1. New Jersey
    Yep, today was one I will not be forgetting any time soon. Part 1 - It started at 5:10 am with a Sophie's choice: a simultaneous pair of pings: Uber X 8 minutes away or Lyft Plus 20 minutes away (both Shore Rate). I went with Lyft and 171.47 miles and 4 hours 17 minutes later off Rt 28 in...
  2. Portland
    I usually don't drive on Sundays but since there was a guarantee, I figured why not. Started at about Noon and got my first ride from Vancouver to the downtown Portland. I figired it was gonna be slow, and I was right. I drove around for a little bit then parked. I got tired of sitting at that...
  3. Melbourne
    Just wondering how often you would get a unicorn fare? For the newbies, a unicorn is a rare and lucrative fare. For example, Frankston to Geelong and return 3.2x surge might be a golden unicorn. Ringwood to airport 2.1x surge might be an average unicorn. Post your sightings and frequency...
1-3 of 3 Results