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  1. Complaints
    I should have known better and not have wasted my time on an out of state trip. Basically there is not compensation for doing this and drivers pretty much get paid less than the actual mileage of the trip. Never again! I would have scored better by just driving in the city.
  2. Connecticut
    Driving on New Years Eve this past Monday - 2 of my trips were to NYC from CT. for both requests I did not see the "Long Trip +45 mins" pop up in the request flash on the UBER app. Did anyone else experience this recently? Would be a shame if this feature was taken away hence (Like a lot of...
  3. Sacramento
    I have a customer that I pick up every morning for the past 3 weeks. It's on my way to Sacramento to work (I live in the Yuba City area) and the ride pays $22, plus he tips an additional $10 every trip! The ride is usually less than 30 mins. I recently started picking him up in the afternoon...
  4. New Jersey
    Last night I received an XL ping to Virginia from NJ. Tried the rider app and wouldn’t even show me rate pax would pay. However pax told me he would be charged $400 for trip. I declined because 14 hours round trip wasn’t what i was looking to do especially drive home 7 hours empty. Would any of...
  5. New Jersey
    Anyone else frustrated on uber not informing a trip is over 3-4-5 hours? Got a trip that said 60 min +. Cool love long trips and usually they are about 90 min at most and makes a decent fair. Today I get same notification and once I pick up pax and press start, it tells me Boston MA. Not long...
  6. Advice
    I’m a new part-time driver for Uber and Lyft in a suburban area about 45 minutes away from the nearest big city. The 50 trips I’ve given have mainly been short ones, under 15 miles, around town. I’m cool with that. On Thursday, I received my first Uber ping with a “long distance 45+”...
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So I pick up a pax and he’s going 3 miles. He ask if I wanted a long trip. I said “what? You’re going to change your destination?” He says oh no, I was going to Mcdonald’s and then to Home Depot. Wtf is wrong with people? Oh and lyft keeps adding second passengers after I press the...
  8. Advice
    What do you do if you’re driving a passenger and they need a bathroom stop? Countless times I have heard of drivers not wanting to stop, where do you stand on this?
  9. Advice
    Hello uber nation..... Long trips I like those better than the short 4-5 min ones. Better fuel efficiency and less brake use and make more 1 long trip then 10 15 short ones. Only question is whats best way inform the pax about a tip and upfront money for return trip. Other day took a couple...
  10. Denver
    Look what I just saw pop up on my profile Are any of you going to go chat with Joe about all the 'exciting' new changes?
1-11 of 11 Results