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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I was wondering who is from Long Beach, California ?
  2. Stories
    Picked up a smelly 4.6 Poo pax (it was a little slow). Guy got in with the most obnoxious body odor ever. It smelled like butt breath, grated garlic baked mashed onion, and mildew. Had to roll the windows down on that one. 2 angry pool pax that were added to the route didn’t get picked up...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Lol... NOT ONLY DID SHE WALK INTO the LGB pen, she is requesting an UBER.... LOL i immediately logged off LOL made her wait :D:D:D:D Well someone got her... YOURE TRYING TO GET US FINED!!! GO BACK TO THE TERMINAL.... Oh Good Morning. Im just starting... lolo_O
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Ok lets: Welp its slower than LAX, but a tiny bit faster than John Wayne. Ummmm cops galore, and well shorties for the taking. All in all, you can get from LB to LB and make $10.00, while sitting for 3 hours. WOO HOO... Please posts thoughts, shall we, lets.
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Any other SeeJanego drivers here? If so, how do you like it?
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Good morning you wild drivers you. THIS MORNING was great! ( mic check ). Nothing! Ok. Well, I had a funny entitled PAX today. Off TO LB great airport :rolleyes: PAX: Where are you going?! ME: Well, I'm going up PCH to airport. PAX: NO! NO! You are going wrong. I need you to go this way...
  8. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So how's everyone surviving? I got into a fight and left LB! ITS NOT worth it :mad::rolleyes::oops:
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Maybe this is why we have seen a drop in LAX runs...
  10. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hey guys, so I need to do maintenance on my transmission, Jiffy Lube is quoting me $150 and a smaller shop is quoting me $280! I need a little help on this one. I live in LBC please advise on where and what's the difference... JEEP PATRIOT 2014
  11. Pay
    Okay so Wednesday I drove from Long Beach to Burbank Airport. It was a POOL ride but no additional pick ups. We made a few stops she needed to go to before heading up. Long story short I get to Burbank 2hrs later I finish ride and rate the passenger and it's calculating the cost. when I got home...
1-11 of 11 Results