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  1. London
    London Uber created new London mass public trips because of its competitive fare and convenience. The fares are affordable and a driver can be with you at your door a few minutes after booking. This created a new industry and a market. Tens of thousands of drivers exploited this new industry...
  2. London
    Thanks guys - seems this request hasn't been met with the best response. Realistically, we even thought you'd like the chocolates yourselves... I would never say no to a few freebies - but whatevs. Maybe next time! Thanks all the same Uber friends! If you change your mind, shoot us an inbox...
  3. London
    I have return uber iPhone back. As far i have seen my friends as will left uber... Minicab companies know advertise more and they need full time drivers Uber is Just a Joke. I know lot of Drivers take car on lease or Loan know in trouble and they are going back to minicab office.. More and...
1-5 of 5 Results