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  1. Complaints
    Why London customers are so evil? I just don't get it.... For the last month I was reported nearly every single week for "driving" the most frequent report this month. According to Uber support "speeding" but the problem is I do no speed up at all (20/30/40/50/60/70). Keep scratching my...
  2. London
    Just seen an advert that Greyhound wants drivers, like all ops do. I see their cars on the road, mainly in the southwest. Has anyone worked or is working with them/ how are the controllers or app? - Is there enough work? I want to try a cash circuit that is also open shifts as I plan to work...
  3. London
    Hello Gents, Let me introduce myself and my little story which goes as follows... I am a full time employee working on a fixed shift pattern 4 on 4 off on nights and recently I have decided to get myself a PCO license in order to get some extra cash flowing with possibility of a complete...
1-3 of 3 Results