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  1. Complaints
    Watch out for those fares on Lyft that are booked through Logisticare. They usually go like this: 1) Logisticare books fare automatically for PAX. Driver picks up fare with the name of the PAX showing 2) Driver arrives at a medical related facility. In my case, two out the three times were...
  2. New Jersey
    It's a rainy Sunday, just got back in DTS country after a long ride up the Parkway. The ping is 4 minutes away, just off the GSP in Neptune. As I roll up, I get a text to come up the driveway, there is a woman in a walker. I don't like driveways but I see the walker. She gets in and the male...
  3. New Jersey
    Does anyone know of a way to contact a Lyft driver outside of using the App? We don't have access to the app here.
1-3 of 3 Results