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  1. Complaints
    For anybody working in Boston who has been to the airport will probably notice how disgusting the lot is. I'm actually very happy they are towing Uber/Lyft drivers and giving them citations here now. Everywhere you park and you open the door you get a wiff of pee smell. Some pee in bottles and...
  2. Sydney
    I had a rider today who threw his cigarette on the ground before getting into my car. Honestly, I witness this behaviour by riders at least once a week and it's starting to bother me. How hard is it to wait until you find a bin? Are these people ignorant and uneducated or just selfish human...
  3. New Orleans
    Whoever is throwing human arms off I-10 must stop this activity. Although the crabs may like it they are unappreciated by the alligators. ALso,if someone must give " The Louisiana Bridge Tour " to a victem, there are enough elevated roads and bridges over swamp and waterways to not throw body...
1-3 of 3 Results