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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    It’s official but when is payday ?
  2. News
    Full: https://www.einnews.com/amp/pr_news/473210593/uber-and-lyft-need-to-change-how-they-handle-assault-claims-attorney-says While Uber and Lyft present safe alternatives to drinking and driving, there are other dangers associated with the ride-share app. Many riders have reported instances...
  3. Scooters
    https://techcrunch.com/2018/10/31/xiaomi-doesnt-want-lyft-using-its-electric-scooters/amp/ Xiaomi, the electric scooter manufacturer that a handful of the shared electric scooter services in the U.S. (like ones from Lyft, Spin and Bird) rely on, has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Lyft. In...
  4. Advocacy
    To: MICHELE ARINGTON Assistant General Counsel FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION '........................................ Goodmorning, Ms. Arington: It is with great interest and disbelief the DRIVER SERVICES INDUSTRY has been watching and waiting for the FTC and DOJ to intervene on STATE ACTION...
  5. Advice
    I heard today a radio advertisement detailing a class action suit. I phoned 800-214-9179 and the person who answered provided me the website kellerlenkner.com. Apparently, currently active Uber and Lyft drivers nationwide are entitled to some funds with a settlement reached by both. I no...
  6. Complaints
    There is a reason that majority of people on the uber app don’t tip . I can’t get into the details as to why right now but. I will say it’s Uber’s fault and it’s not because they got them used to not tipping. I’m sure there must be a few on here that can figure it out . I’ll just say Uber wants...
  7. News
    AUSTRALIA | 'Uber litigation may alter the meaning of work' by Marianna Papadakis, Australian Financial Review, http://www.afr.com/business/legal/uber-litigation-may-alter-the-meaning-of-work-20151004-gk0tzy [see excerpt]
1-7 of 7 Results