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  1. New York City
    For some reason my online hours are highly inflated, today I logged in around 3pm and it's now 8:35pm and I've been locked out 🤔🤔🤔 what is uber doing to make it seem like I've been online longer? Is this happening to any of you as well ?
  2. Lyft
    Lyft's latest propaganda and lies arrived yesterday (Oct 29) but not seen until this morning. Interesting approach to their driver profile how one of their drivers reports on their night...which hasn't happened yet.
  3. Complaints
    Ha!! Millions of drivers out there, and I'm the only one who got bumped up a rank for free! Ha!! You're all losers. Uber values me above all others!! Now all I have to do is get my AR up and my CR down, and they will let me keep this outstanding, prestigious rank. Hey, does anyone know if...
  4. Lyft
    In the pink zone. Reach the Maximum Bonus. Drive away. The bonus turns blue, then grey. The message when it's grey says "Drive to the pink zone to earn more." How? I've already maxed out the possible bonus, you liars.
  5. San Diego
    I'm disillusioned with Lyft, so when I received this message: ...I thought "Great, a second location. Maybe this one isn't on wheels." I was mistaken. It's just a Pep Boys. I need to stop thinking there is truth in any Lyft communique.
  6. New York City
    Since a recent biased study was published regarding lower rates equaling more pay, let's see what real life scenario states. Ladies and gentlemen, please post your weekly earnings for all the apps you work for. Specify the vehicle you drive and whether you only do X, Black, SUV, or Black SUV...
  7. New Jersey
    Last night I went to a party, and when it was over four of us decided to head to a nearby establishment for another drink or two and some further merriment... So, I ordered the Uber to take us there. Robert accepted our ride request, and we headed out to meet him. I noticed, before his arrival...
  8. Charlotte
    In the past week I’ve encountered multiple times the Uber map showing surges which I’ve been in or driven to and either the surge was not given or it was far less than the map was showing. I’ve gotten the multiple canned answers from support describing the old surge system or that I was not in a...
  9. Stories
    My dad was recently on vacation and took Uber to and from the airport. He told me the following in regards to what an Uber driver told him: The driver said said he drives part-time, so he drives about 20 hours a week and makes around $800 a week. Huh? He'd have to be averaging $40 an hour...
  10. Lyft
    Tired of the overinflated estimated drive time on Lyft. I have begun taking extra long ways, and waiting until a quarter mile after drop off to actually hit Drop Off. Sometimes it work in my favor tho. Picked up a girl at a mall. Took the long way around the mall to get to the freeway. Her...
  11. Washington DC
    I cannot sleep just thinking how much more money will be making and better working conditions.!!!!!!LOL
  12. Complaints
    Uber advised me recently that my only driver referral would not qualify for the Bonus (which they continue to advertise) as they no longer pay referral bonus to Sydney driver partners. Shame on you Uber!
  13. Complaints
    So I am relatively new to Lyft, and I have never driven for Uber. From what I understand Lyft claims it keeps 20%. Lately I've had some passengers tell me what they paid for the ride and after doing the math it looks like Lyft is getting 50% of the fare in many cases! How is this not...
  14. Lyft
    How is the amp going to help make more money? Looks like more false advertising in an attempt to manipulate people ... again.
  15. News
    https://gizmodo.com/in-letter-uber-said-drivers-didnt-make-advertised-earn-1820928444 In Letter, Uber Said Drivers Didn't Make Advertised Earnings Due to Their 'Choices' In January, Uber settled claims by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that it misled drivers about how much money they could...
  16. New York City
    Ladies and Gentlemen, There is a serious issue developing on this forum. I have been saying for a while now that there is an increase in new accounts/shills on this forum who are here to deliberately post misinformation about Uber/Lyft and even the IDG (we all know who). IDG is sponsored by...
  17. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Is incredible how a company can be build of lies.Uber is still lying to keep the company going,Crazy how this happens. Now they give you 6 destination filter trips to do.Technically they count towards the trips bonus.All bull...rap! Also the FAKE SURGE . I live in weho , yesterday morning I...
  18. Stories
    I picked up a couple younger women (late 20s?) bar hopping. Casually asked if they use both services. Pax says "I will NEVER use Uber again!" I said "Sounds like there's a story there..." She says "Last Uber, my friend and I left a bar to go to another. We got two blocks and the Uber driver...
  19. Tips
    this is going to seem stupid to alot of you im sure but here is the reason 1- uber is already stealing 50% or more of the gross with our "new " "agreement" 2- uber did steal my tips as others hsve said they "never appeared" oops 3- im just so sick of ubers lies to us and pax they are toxic so if...
1-20 of 33 Results