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  1. Complaints
    I have to ask, how can you still be pumping this company, in good conscience? Years ago Uber cut rates here in the states. At the time they said/lied that lower prices means more business for drivers which means more money for drivers. Obviously, time has proven that this is false. It was more...
  2. Pay
    It is unfair that they do not show you what the customer gets charged. Then the take a Lyft fee on top of the 46% that we do not know about. We need to know the truth on all rides!
  3. Tips
    Why does Uber want to give all the ne'er-do-well 16 year old blonde girls with machetes more reasons to murder us? One of the only things this girl could have wanted was the few bucks in tip change the poor guy was probably carrying. She didn't really even try to take the dude's car. I just...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/14/technology/uber-corporate-culture/index.html?iid=ob_homepage_tech_pool CAUTION: Do not watch this interview on a full stomach.
1-4 of 4 Results