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  1. Seattle
    Hi there, if this question has been answered; I'm sorry. I couldn't find it and am on mobile. Thanks in advance. I'd like to signup for Lyft Express/Uber asap and begin driving. But am curious if I need all of the business licensing prior to signing up or if I can gradually apply after I...
  2. London
    Transport for London has revealed details today (15 February) of its new policy statement which highlights how ride-sharing and app-booking services could work in the future and features a list of stringent procedures with the aim of “Ensure London remains the world leader in regulating taxi and...
  3. Portland
    2 things... Remember to file form TM. Does not matter where you live, if you drive in the TriMet zones you need to cough up $199. Per year. Also if you have not already gotten an exemption to the business license requirements for Vancouver, do it. Vantucky popo can stop at will and demand it...
  4. Melbourne
    According to the BBC news website, relating to London Uber drivers. If interested, google the thread title, or go to the BBC news website and search.
  5. Washington DC
    So I've only been here a year and I don't plan on staying here much longer. Probably moving back home to Florida in the next year but since I've driven for Uber I've gotten two camera speeding tickets which I didn't get until I went home about a month ago. The tickets were already past due...
  6. Seattle
    Mandatory business licensing likely to happen in Seattle?
  7. Advice
    Ok so I am currently 24 years old as of last month, I have a dui from when I was 19 but it has been almost 5 years. I have read on other forums I should get a licensing attorney before applying for my tlc but an attorney definitely isnt cheap and I dont think it will be a sure thing either...
  8. Licensed
    Hi everybody! I'm trying to get my TLC licensing done in NYC to drive for Uber. I submitted parts A and B of the application last month with all of the documentation that Uber told me I needed, including the WAV course. On the TLC site it also says an FHV course and exam is required, but when...
1-9 of 9 Results