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  1. Chicago
    I am new here, i need some positive suggestions regarding license issue. In chicago, my license isnt one year old (as the requirements of lyft and uber are YOUR LICENSE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE YEAR OLD) Is there any other way to get rid of this one year requirement? Please dont suggest to photoshop...
  2. Wichita
    In Kansas when you get your DL renewed, they give you a temporary paper one and then in about 2 weeks you get the new one. Well, I took a picture of the temp to keep my account active and it was rejected. Resubmitted and it is now "pending review". Anybody have experience with this? What can...
  3. New York City
    Hello, I am currently driving in London but I am hoping to come to NYC in the new year. Could anyone outline what I need to do in order to get licenced and working? Is it possible to start the application before I get there? Also what is the breakdown of costs?
  4. Seattle
    I have been researching this stuff for awhile now and I haven't had any luck so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm trying to apply to drive with Uber and I need to obtain a Tacoma Business License but I have a few questions. For the license name, is it simply just my first and last name...
  5. Montgomery County
    I already have a Maryland inspection from January. My car was bought within the last month. Do I need to get a new inspection? I don't have an über sticker how do I get it? They are asking me through text to drive people already. Do I need these papers to drive? I also don't have a Maryland...
  6. Portland
    I'm trying to obtain Portland Business License. Could I set the address as my home address in another Oregon city (Corvallis)? I intend to pick up rideshare between Corvallis and Portland on weekends. Could this work? I'm very new to Uber.
  7. Introductions
    Hello there My license got updated in TLC FHV database and I am wondering how long until I receive my physical License in my hand? Thanks in advance.
  8. Chicago
    Thinking about signing up to drive Uber and have long IL drivers license history. Do I still need to get license transcript from the DMV, or can Uber obtain electronically?
1-8 of 8 Results