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  1. New Jersey
    http://s.nj.com/ifNZpYW Make sure you make the pax ride upfront in your Prius. :-) JK. Get it checked it out or call your local dealership for more info. GL.
  2. Detroit
    I've been driving Lyft for a couple weeks and learned that if I drive a nicer vehicle I can get a rate increase. As of right now I get a bit as soon as I turn the app on but I keep getting rocked with small fare rides. Anyone using Select in metro detroit? How long in between fares? Is it...
  3. Sacramento
    Is there a market for a luxury car in Sacramento? Has anyone seen them around, taken any, or driven a luxury car? Is it worth it? Anyone know for sure which category the Is250 is under.. Uber black or uberselect? How are the rates between lyft and uber? Please answer any question. Thanks guys!
1-3 of 3 Results