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  1. Pay
    https://knowtechie.com/uber-payment-per-hour/ Uber and Lyft offer a great way to make some extra cash or even start your own small business. Or do they? For one ride-sharing driver, the answer is a firm no when looking at his per hour rate. Road Guy Rob recently took to YouTube to explain...
  2. Las Vegas
    Came to Las Vegas from Maui, Hawaii. Tuff finding a job as a server. If you don't know someone in this city, You pay the price... So be it. Friend said to me, "go uber!" So bought a new Prius, great deal. But now the owner of three cars. So a ubering I go... Off to a great start. Working hard...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Since Uber Poo was forced down our throats, I'm actually making less money now than I did this time last year. Just came back in from a few hours of Uber driving and I made about $8/hour after expenses. Less than frickin minimum wage. On one Poo ride I had 3 different Poo pax in my car. That...
1-3 of 3 Results