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  1. Singapore
    The recent event has taken a toll on the income for Uber Drivers and left them with burden on paying car rental. As a result, many LCR hirers are fighting uphill battles against LCR. Many had tried to knock at their doors, but were outright rejected. Many hirers feel that LCR has breached the...
  2. Singapore
    I got latest update from LCR that we will be entitled to new incentives from Grab as they just became an exclusive partner of Grab! $150 for 100 trips and $100 for 75 trips. Anyone else got the deal above? Regarding those that are banned, currently You still cannot return your car. LCR’s advise...
  3. Vehicles
    My bf signed up for a 6 mths car rental contract with LCR because he is driving w Uber but it really sucks as he not only do not get to earn driving Uber but also have to end up forking out his own money to pay for the car rental. We want out but is there a way without having to lose anything...
  4. Singapore
    Hi All, Want to check if anyone have any experience or expertise in this matters. Else you can advise accordingly too. On 14Feb2017, I got my Kia K3 from LCR . Signing contract of 6months with contract promotion/agreement of 4weeks rental rebates of 400+ for the last 4 weeks. My contract will...
  5. Singapore
    Following the footsteps of the green i see: https://rent.freeboh.com/ ShareCar is an upcoming platform that will allow you to connect with nearby Uber Driver-partners who are looking for a car to drive with Uber.
  6. Singapore
    Hello everyone! Can you guys advice on this? Should I go rent from LCR or better go rent from other rental companies? Thanks!
  7. Singapore
    Hello all, Just wanted to find out if anyone is renting from LCR and is also a Grab service provider? I was told that LCR cars cannot be used for Grab service and just want to clarify if this is true? Thank you
  8. Singapore
    Hello brothers and sisters, I believe that this topic deserves its own thread. We all know UBER offers a $5000 guarantee in fares during your first month. BUT, they fail to mention that this is before deducting the COSTS involved. Here's a breakdown. (Approximate vales) RENT: $60 per day...
1-10 of 10 Results