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  1. Brevard County
    Hey Yall, I'm going to be moving down from Atlanta and wanted to know what the uber/lyft scene is like around Melbourne and Cocoa. Already saw the deal with the port. Any other good information you have? Areas to avoid? Weird laws?
  2. Las Vegas
    All get ready to register as a business and obtain a business license, for a fee of course! http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/business/article154498614.html The Latest on the final day of legislative activity in the Nevada Assembly and Nevada Senate (all times local PDT): New oversight would...
  3. San Francisco
    So uber does not say greyball isn't a thing. They apparently were using it to keep law enforcement officials from using illegal entrapment methods to create illegal situations and then fine drivers for their participation in those incidents. At least that's my takeaway from UBER's explanation...
  4. Advice
    Hi Guys, My name is David Woolf and I'm an attorney licensed in California. I drove for uber/lyft in law school and now I do personal injury at BD&J in Beverly Hills. I also do some immigration. Ask me anything!
  5. News
    https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/oregon/articles/2017-03-07/portland-to-investigate-uber-scheme-to-thwart-regulators Portland to Investigate Uber Scheme to Thwart Regulators Officials in Portland are calling for an investigation into Uber's use of software to identify and reject hails...
  6. San Francisco
    Most fuel efficient cars have a maximum load limit of about 850 lbs including driver and luggage. Prius, Mirage even Lincoln MKZ all max at under 850. I weigh 265 lbs so my passengers total weight must be under 560 lbs to drive my vehicle. Most people get upset when I ask for their I. D. or...
  7. Sydney
    In case you find yourself in a moral dilemma, remember this: "NSW law says consent is not possible while a person is substantially intoxicated." Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/01/24/13/38/uber-driver-says-passenger-said-yes-to-sex#egV1pCq1yjh71pe6.99
  8. Connecticut
  9. Complaints
    This is how it probably works: your fare will be $28.00 But in actuality, the miles and time come out to $20.00 So the driver gets $15 and Uber takes $13. This has got to be the greediest company ever. they're charging riders more than the ride would cost, yet the driver is only getting 25...
  10. Montreal (French Canada)
    The Montreal Taxi Bureau just told me in an email that any driver could: 1- get a 3700$ fine 2- get his car seized for 7 days 3- loose his driver's permit for 7 days Anything the office can do about this ?
  11. Montreal (French Canada)
    Since the agreement that Uber Quebec and Quebec Government signed on Sept 9, we are expecting information from the office of Montreal. What's next ? As per the agreement, old drivers have up to December 7, 2016 to get a 4C driver permit, get the right insurance, Uber sticker. As per the...
  12. Atlanta
    Do cops make extra money or commissions by calling tow truck companies?
  13. Boston
    Please don't take the following discussion as any grievance with or slight towards the disabled community in any way, I just think we should discuss every aspect of the new ridesharing law and how it may affect ridesharing drivers going forwards. I believe the below section is from Section...
  14. Advice
    Just sent everything into Uber, got approved to be a driver 3 days ago, got a text from an uber office today saying if I want to drive in orleans parish, get a louisiana license. I was never informed of that before hand!?!?
  15. New Jersey
    I just signed up with Lyft, but have been a Uber driver for more than a month. The mentor said that there was some law where if I live in New Jersey I can pickup drivers only in New Jersey and can dropped them off anywhere. However she said that I cannot pickup drivers outside my home state of...
  16. Advice
    what is the law regarding dash cam video in florida ? is there some bs consent that is required for me to record people on my own property? most people notice it but just think its interesting - Do i just need to say - i got a dashcam there! for safety , do i even need to bring it up? i have...
  17. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello, I am new to this forum and glad that found this community. I am resuming to drive after almost an year. I live in mississauga and will travel to toronto. 1) Will it be ok if i pick up passenger in toronto, even though i live in suaga? 2) What is the bounry for toronto? 3) If...
  18. Connecticut
    I'm sick and tired of getting stuck in situations where a pax puts up a fight because I won't take a kid without a car seat. I'm also tired of hearing other drivers get in the same situation. If I catch you doing it, I'll report you to Uber and call the cops! It's illegal and morally...
  19. Advice
    As an uber driver you let strangers into your car so the chances of coming across someone who is a threat is much higher than normal- this is still the x <.01% of the pax you pick up but its still your health or life. weapon / tool ideas A inside facing dash cam will be worth its weight in...
  20. St. Louis
    Read the bill here. HB 2233 May, Karla The bill that will effectively allow Uber in all of Missouri is still in the process. It's intended to be effective 8/28/2016. Right now it's still being amended and having hearings. St Charles City is waiting for this to be settled which is...
21-40 of 50 Results